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75 can Trenbolone be read. Vysskazyvanie athletes that achieved the strength and weight after taking hormone saved means more muscle cells ( hyperplasia). In essence, strength and muscles can grow even months, because thanks to the training they stimulated muscle hypertrophy carries over to the newly acquired muscle cells. We can only explain what happens with the insulin and thyroid hormone L-T3. Athletes are in the initial phase of building muscle and receiving STH, not normally need for exogenous insulin.

It is advised not later than every 3 hours to fully well there, resulting in a 6 - 7 meals a day. This body has to constantly throw insulin and blood sugar does not drop so much. And thyroid hormone L-T3 in this phase reluctantly accepted by athletes. But in any case, check with a doctor while taking hormone levels of thyroid hormone. Simultaneous use of anabolic / androgenic steroids and / or Clenbuterol judging by experience, is used.

During preparation for a competition thyroid hormones are taken intensively and individually, as well as insulin, growth hormone, along with, just like steroids and Clenbuterol. Insulin - sluduyuschy. Based on the huge potential of damaging that it could have a non-diabetic, insulin when used incorrectly will make you FAT!. Too much insulin activates certain enzymes which convert glucose into glycerol and then and triglycerol. Too little insulin especially in the phase of the diet, reduces the anabolic effect of growth hormone.

What is the conclusion of the dilemma?. Acceptance of a qualified doctor who will give advice to the athlete and will regularly monitor when you receive exogenous insulin your blood sugar and urine. Athletes often administered insulin dose average operating with a maximum duration of 24 hours exposure to 1 times per day. For this purpose, as a rule, used Insulin -guman, such as Insulin - N - Depot = Depot - N - Insulin firm Hoechst. Short-acting insulin with a maximum duration of exposure 8:00 athletes rarely used.

Here prefer to insulin humane, such as H - Insulin firm Hoechst. The undesirable effect of growth hormones, the so-called side effects - very interesting topic, causing heated discussions. First of all, it must be said. STH causes side effects, unlike those with anabolic / androgenic steroids, as well as reducing its own testosterone production, acne, hair loss, aggressiveness, elevated estrogen level, the phenomenon of virilization in women, enhanced water and salt retention etc. The main problems, as a rule - is the possible lack of sugar in the blood or possible hypothyroidism.

Occur in rare cases, the formation of antibodies to growth hormone is not clinically significant. What about the horror stories about akromegamii, diformatsiyah bones, enlargement of the heart, problems with various organs, gigantism, and early death?. To answer this, it is necessary to distinguish between the administration of hormones in pre - and poslepubertanny periods. Growth is possible if a person is in dopubertannom period. After the bones of any possible gains by hypersecretion of endogenous growth hormones nor an excessive exogenous due to the influx of growth hormone.

And gigantism (growth Adults), which develops a noticeable influx of strength and muscle hardness, and if left untreated leads to death - is possible only in dopubertanny period, and also in humans, while still suffering hypogonadal (hypogonadism). The final solution should be administered immediately, or be stored in a refrigerator, but no more than 24 hours. Clenbuterol Clenbuterol - is a powerful fat burner new generation of identical Balkan clenbuterol. In contrast to the Balkan Clenbuterol, the dosage of the active ingredient in Klenbutelone 80 mcg, twice the dose equivalent. Clenbuterol great in predsorevnovateliny period for burning fat and drying.

When using this product, athletes can achieve maximum relief and elasticity of the muscles, which is important for professional and amateur bodybuilders who want to achieve the perfect shape. Upon receipt of Clenbuterol is often observed in many tremor (trembling) extremities, heart palpitations and increased activity. In this connection, klenbutelon to be taken in the morning after a meal. In the case of the reception in the afternoon, taking the drug threatens you insomnia. In parallel with this drug it is recommended to use Ketotifen (available over the counter without a prescription) that suppresses tremor in the limbs, slow heartbeat, increases the effect of drying by 10-20%.

Dianabol Among the most popular and sought after anabolic steroids because our time is a drug called methandienone, which is also very common called Danabol, naposim or just methane. The latter name stuck especially among athletes, bodybuilders, who are engaged in the implementation of its long-standing dream - namely, the construction of a healthy body with well-developed muscle mass. In the market of sports pharmacology this drug is sold in pill form. It is noteworthy that this product was invented back in the 1960s, and was originally used to quickly restore damaged as a result of severe burns to the skin tissue of the human body, as well as to enhance the vitality of man. However, soon it was well established that the agent has a beneficial effect on the rapid and qualitative growth of muscle mass in the human body.

As a result, he began to be widely used by athletes and bodybuilders, bodybuilders. Dianabol can be bought in almost any state planet, with the exception of Mexico and some Asian countries, where it is why it is considered harmful and therefore forbidden. In CIS countries it freely available for purchase under the name Nerobolum. The popularity of this anabolic steroid among bodybuilders due to the fact that achieves some success, namely. the rapid increase in muscle mass in the body, which is a consequence of activation of the synthesis process of glycolysis, protein.

A marked increase in indicators of physical force an athlete. Improvement of appetite.


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