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Once again - the above dosage of augmentin 1 gram are the minimum slave dosing. At dosages of the order of 20-30 ME day fat burning properties of growth hormone which shows how brightly. When using somatotropin to recruit muscle dosages should be somewhat higher. Professional athletes dosage level is achieved in 24-30 ME growth hormone per day, but even to a layperson, they should not be below the limit of 10-16 ME per day.

However, everything here depends on the age - the older you are, the lower dosages of GH will have a pronounced effect, and gender - for women to achieve a similar effect takes about one and a half times more growth hormone than men. What attracts attention immediately, so is the growth of power performance even at a moderate dosage (ME 4 a day) growth hormone. Explained this increase power performance primarily the strengthening of ligaments, and this effect comes very quickly by the third or fourth injection and lasts somewhere for 2-3 weeks after discontinuation of the course. Alas, to realize their power potential, if your primary goal - a set of mass, will not succeed.

More precisely - it is not so necessary. Growth hormone is required and this is confirmed by the results of experiments, a special training regime - namely, the average volume of training intensity, for a sufficiently long time. With regard to the scale it means that the power to set records, there is absolutely no need. Moreover - even improve operating weight from workout to workout is not necessary.

For maximum effect, course of growth hormone must have a duration of not less than 40-60 days, although shorter courses are already yielding tangible results (of course, we consider only the last two cases of the drug. The restoration of injured joints and tendons does not occur in an example faster). The frequency of injections Initially, the general practice were growth hormone injections three times a week. Subsequently, all the experts have switched to daily injections - so it was planned to reduce the negative effects of the drug and increase its effectiveness.

In the future as a result of four years of painstaking research, scientists have concluded that the best results are obtained by injection practices carried out through the day. This practice is not only more efficient than the practice of daily injections - it avoids the resistance (decrease receptor sensitivity) to growth hormone, regardless of the duration of treatment. The experiments were performed on children suffering from hormone deficiency, but the results still apply to healthy people. However, the practice of injecting a day brings the best results during the set weight when caloric intake is not subject to the athlete cuts.

In low-calorie diet (predsorevnovatelny period) the best results were given daily injections of growth hormone. On the best time for injections. The highest point is to make them for an hour before the start of training poltora and a half or two hours after its completion (if training is carried out late at night, the mode of injection is somewhat different. The first is done in the morning, the second - a half or two hours before exercise).

In general, if possible, during the mass work, combined with the rate of growth hormone, is a slight change usual mode of training and attend a day room. The half-life of the exogenous growth hormone is from two to four hours. However, on the half-life in this case is not entirely correct to say - it's not quite the half-life in the classical sense of the term. But what is certain, is that input from outside suppresses the secretion of growth hormone by the body's own for 4 hours (it is interesting that the level of IGF-1 after injection remains elevated for 12-16 hours).

All this makes the unwanted growth hormone injections before bedtime - it is known that the largest release of its own growth hormone occurs just after an hour and a half after falling asleep. Injection bedtime successfully suppress the emission. But it with one hand. On the other, the injection of GH shortly before bedtime makes sleep deeper, falling asleep is easier, so that they will come to the court to all those who have sleep disorders are present.

In addition, the injection of growth hormone at night are very effective, especially in terms of burning excess fat. So what do such injections or not - you decide. Side effects The most common side effects of growth hormone are disorders of the thyroid gland, hypoglycaemia, increase in the size of the heart and kidney, increased blood pressure. Long-term use of large doses of growth hormone may lead to an acceleration of the development of diabetes in people who are genetically prone to the disease, or are in the early stages.

Let me draw your attention once again on such a side effect of growth hormone, as hypoglycemia. Growth hormone is able to reduce the activity of insulin. This is - a kind of defense mechanism, preventing the onset of hypoglycemic coma. Everyone knows that with the fall in blood sugar levels (taking place, including during resistance training) increases the secretion of growth hormone.

However, in terms of excess caloric intake, characteristic of the period set mass, growth hormone can simultaneously provoke a greater release of insulin. Consequently, the risk of hypoglycemia is increased. In some people, the growth hormone is capable of increasing prolactin levels. Given the fact that these some sensitive to prolactin less than a third are seriously afraid of this side effect is unlikely to.

But if it is there, it is easy to overcome with bromocriptine (Parlodel). Finally, the interesting side effects of growth hormone is a so-called tunnel syndrome - a disease characteristic of those who work a lot for the laptop and explaining a pinched nerve in the carpal tunnel. Once again on the genetic differences Not at all exogenous growth hormone acts the same way.

Dosage Of Augmentin 1 Gram

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