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After the drug its effect lasts about 3-4 hours. For best results, the drug should be taken at least twice a day. Dianabol increases the possibility of human power, promotes rapid muscle gain and strengthens the skeletal system by stimulating sinteza belka in the body. Before the drug is observed water retention in the body, which also helps to increase muscle fiber. The drug is widely used by professional athletes and beginners.

To increase the effect of the drug is combined with alternative actions steroids. Also popular is a bunch of Methandienone + Deka Durabolin. If the main goal - to increase the power of the organism - a combined course with Winstrol Dianabol or Oksandrolonom. The highest possible result brings a bunch of medication with injectable steroids. To increase the power indicator and a rapid increase in muscle fiber use Deka Durabolin or Sustanon.

Anavar If you want to increase their power at times possible, but do not want to recruit more muscle mass, then the most suitable option for you - Oxandrolone. It has a mild effect on the body, and its androgenic properties are relatively weak. The power factor is mainly increasing because of the sharp increase in production of creatine phosphate muscle fibers. • Packing. 100 tab.

• The concentration of the active ingredient. 10 mg / tab. • Active ingredient.


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