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Anabolic activity of steroid and a half times higher than that of testosterone. Androgenic figure is about one-third. The drug is available only in injectable form, is practically non-toxic to the liver and does not aromatize (minimum conversion is still present). Time effect on the body - up to 15 days. The detection time for doping control is about one and a half years.

The active substance Decaver-as a steroid for muscle growth despite the fact that when you finish the course, all collected from you and remain. Moreover, the drug strengthens bones and positively affects the joints, stimulates production of collagen by the body. In sports-related endurance, Decaver gained popularity because of its ability to increase the delivery of oxygen to the muscles (by increasing the number of red blood cells). Even AIDS drug used to increase the immune defenses. Standard courses of steroids is about 8 weeks.

Based on the duration of action of the drug - up to the crescent, it is advisable to perform injection only once a week to a maximum of 600 milligrams. But do not chase doses - it is better to spend two quality courses on averages than keep one and then spend significant funds for post-cycle therapy. Nandrolone in excess doses can cause back pain, rash, headache, or rhinitis. However, these side effects are rare, and the cup of all individual intolerance to the drug caused any significant excess of the recommended dosage. Nandrolona D (nandrolone decanoate) Balkan pharm 200mg / 1ml x 5 pieces.

Nandrolone decanoate is a preparation based on an increased testosterone anabolic androgen index and reduced activity. Orgasm person may secrete a substance during pregnancy or during prolonged physical stress of high intensity. Apparatus stimulates increased absorption of amino acids, and therefore often combined with them. Anabolic processes caused by drug erythropoietin stimulate the body, making Nanrolon D by Balkan Pharmaceuticals indispensable in sports-related endurance. Quality courses steroid nandrolone provide quality muscle growth, which will not get any where after the injection.

Nandrolone is available in the form of injections, the liver is substantially independent of intoxication, the duration of the substance is 15 days, so it is advisable not to pierce more than once a week. There is a minimal conversion to estrogen. Anabolic steroids can stimulate the secretion of the body joint lubrication, and therefore are proven to eliminate pain in the joints and strengthening bones and ligaments. When properly selected course, you can get up to 8 kilograms of muscle mass. Injections should be done only once a week.

The maximum dose is 600 milligrams of the substance. Recommended dosage - from 200 to 400 milligrams per week, depending on your experience and the ultimate goal. The course is longer than 8 weeks without any additional drugs is not recommended Safety measures Hypersensitivity of the components. When exceeding the dosage may be reduced because of the diminished libido testosterone. In rare cases, one can observe a rash, back pain, and rhinitis.

If you follow all the necessary guidance, the use of Nanrolona D Balkan Pharmaceuticals will not affect your health. Primover (Primobolan) Vermodje 100mg / 1ml x 10ml Primover from Vermodje - good anabolic steroid, which has anabolic activity at about the level of testosterone (88%) of the active substance methenolone enanthate. Enanthate - is ether, and therefore the action of the drug long enough and there is no need for frequent injections. When using soft Primovera observed effect - the drug is not designed to set weight - because of this particular drug became popular in the circles of athletes and sportsmen, whose task course of steroids used for drying the body. Progestantnaya activity of this drug is not inhibited, and therefore you will not encounter such side effects as pressure rises, fat deposition, increased water retention, gynecomastia or acne.

Being the only drug on the course, Primover does not require post-cycle therapy and has no sliding phenomenon. The active ingredient of the drug used in the treatment of female cancer and slow the growth of children. Primover - the safest steroid for women today - at moderate doses. The product is perfect for maintaining and increasing power performance at a constant weight. It is used during the drying process.

Application for a set of mass implies a combination with other steroids due to low anabolic activity Primover. Course preparation reasonable limit two months, optimal dosages are 300-600 mg every week, depending on individual performance. Comparing with the same anabolic drug products it can be said that it is completely harmless. But if you intend to hold long-quality courses with high doses of steroids, is included in the course of Gonadotropin 500ME twice a week. Fenilver (nandrolone phenylpropionate) Vermodje 100mg / 1ml x 10ml The active substance of Fenilver vermodje - nandrolone.

Unlike classical decanoate, phenylpropionate characteristic for a shorter period of action - a half-life of the drug ranges from two to four days, which makes it necessary to perform a partial injection Steroids for drying, unlike nandrolone decanoate, substantially does not retain water, which makes it possible to apply it on the course together with the androgen drugs. Some advantages phenylpropionate. The time during which the body restores the full secretion of testosterone is significantly reduced compared with the deck. The low incidence of side effects. In case of individual intolerance of the preparation course can be completed quickly and the side effects will disappear.

Phenylpropionate is found in a few shorter period of time compared with nandrolone decanoate - respectively 16-18 against 22-24 months. The disadvantages include phenylpropionate relatively frequent need for injections, but it depends on the individual case. The effects of the drug. Fenilver Vermodje improves the absorption of amino acids. Significantly reduces the loss of cellular protein and increases protein synthesis.

Several delays fluid in the tissues. Given the short half life of the drug, optimally about injections twice a week.


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