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Details sustanon 250 cycle price. Side effects of steroids and how to reduce the harms of steroids Pantokreatin Pantokreatin absolutely legitimate, highly effective sports nutrition products, allowing a natural way to increase performance by 15-50% strength and endurance, as well as to stimulate muscle building. Pantokreatin sports supplements on the second day of admission greatly increases the power rates, allowing much greater weights workout and with greater intensity.

Thus obtained as a result of receiving Pantokreatina improve the quality of training, in conjunction with proper nutrition and daily routine will allow you to reach, without harm to health, the same results of the training, as if you had used the banned steroids. Pantokreatin integrated product consisting of amorphous pantogematogena dry and micronized creatine. Pantogematogen is an effective muscle growth accelerator and an additional factor of transporting creatine.

Improve the supply of muscles with oxygen and increasing the blood supply of the vascular bed, it significantly increases the tone, strength, muscle volume and prominence. Instructions for use. Half a teaspoon (2.5 g) once a day with food (in the large weight increases the dose by 1.5-2 times).

It can be dissolved in tea, juice or other beverages. Cycle time - one month after should take a break for one week. Mixing the product with simple carbohydrates (sugar, sweet juice, etc.) Will significantly increase the absorption pantokreatina.

Contraindications. Idiosyncrasy, kidney damage, hypertension, pregnancy, tendency to thrombosis, severe heart failure, diarrhea, breast-feeding. Composition (1 gram).

Micronized creatine monohydrate - 990 mg .. Pantogematogen dry 10 mg. Pantokreatin plus It differs from the normal version only the fact that each portion Pantokreatin plus added 660 mg of sugar.

The article with creatine transport system is described in detail the approach used by athletes bodybuilding for over ten years. That's why creatine supplements are almost always stir in the juice. Adding regular sugar can actually get the same result.

It is worth noting that most authoritative authors to improve digestion is recommended to add not less than 5 grams (5000 mg) of sugar or other simple carbohydrates. Carbohydrate addition, there are other transport systems, including proteins, amino acids and others. Expert Reviews The additive is produced byn manufacturer Ltd.

Sustanon 250 Cycle Price

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