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That low level of growth hormone explains why wounds in the elderly because it is difficult to heal. In the medical journal New England dedicated to the problems of the clinical study of human growth hormone, we published the results of clinical trials of anti-aging effects of human growth hormone Radmila Daniel (Daniel Rudman). And these results were stunning. Dr.

Radmila observed in patients aged 61 to 81 years at the Medical College of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. After 6 months of the study Dr. Radmila said that the process of aging patients who have undergone injections of human growth hormone, turned back the clock by 10-20 years. Patients in the control group (patients who do not make growth hormone injections), the aging process has proceeded.

Other clinical studies of human growth hormone, conducted over the last 30 years, showed that patients treated with growth hormone by intramuscular injection, reduced body fat mass, increases muscle mass, improves libido, smooths wrinkles, reduces cellulite and improves the immune function of the body. Human growth hormone - is the main hormone secreted by the pituitary gland and is directly and indirectly responsible for the balance of the most important hormones of the human body. Dr. Chein of the Life Extension Institute in Palm Springs, observed 202 patients who were treated with human growth hormone.

And here are the results of his observations. Patients reported improvement in the following parameters. • Attitude to life • The flexibility of the spine • Loss of body fat • Duration of penile erection • Emotional stability • Portability loads • The frequency of night urination • Tides • Healing capability • Wound healing • Sexual function, sexual potency • The force training and body fat mass, muscle strength • The size of the muscles • Normalization of the menstrual cycle • Skin and hair care, skin structure • The thickness of the skin • The elasticity of the skin • Disappearance of wrinkles • The growth of new hair • Energy, emotion and memory, tone • Memory • Resistance to common diseases Dr. Chein says the loss of 10 - 12 percent body fat every six months in the presence of obesity and an increase of 8 - 10 percent of muscle mass every six months.

These changes occur every six months for as long until the body assumes a shape which has a human when he was 20 years (treatment assignment is performed with human growth hormone in combination with some other hormones).

Stanozolol Tabletki Efekty Gitarowe

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