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Type y Pharmastan 50 white fluid working medium drops to the bottom of the vial, if a certain time is at rest. Pharmastan 50 is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone and therefore almost does not aromatize. The main area of the drug Stanozolol in bodybuilding is a thorough preparation for the performances.

Everybody knows that in this period the athlete need to get rid of excess fat. If you are not a professional bodybuilder and your weight on the weight of 90 kg., And also have a desire to get rid of excess fat, while keeping what was in muscle mass, then you would be enough in a day dose of 50 mg. In principle, all depends not only on the desire to put an injection every day, but also by financial resources.

Of course, the competitive level of the 1st Pharmastan 50 is extremely small, because of the low-calorie food, plus those drugs that speed up the metabolism, in the likeness of thyroid hormone, your muscle mass will fall. It will be necessary to use more androgenic anabolic steroids, such as testosterone propionate Masteron or Trenbolone. Dosages of athletes at this stage vary widely.

Stanozolol 10ml Stanozolol is itself a unique anabolic. As derivatives of dihydrotestosterone its molecule contains four benzene rings (such as other chemical steroids), and all five. Another important feature of this preparation is also the fact that it is an antagonist of progesterone.

Due to this property, stanozolol is practically irreplaceable in cases when it is necessary to suppress the activity of other anabolic progestogen. The drug stanozolol has 2 release forms - oral and injectable. Unlike other such steroids such as Retabolilum, stanozolol injection is an aqueous solution, and not the oil.

In general, oral and injectable drugs are virtually indistinguishable. Their effect is identical. Methods of use and dosage of stanozolol At present, widely used in bodybuilding only injectable form of the drug.

This is due to the fact that oral stanozolol often counterfeited. However, the tablet form of the anabolic has a very positive feature. According to the scientific tests, oral stanozolol in an amount of 0.2 mg per kilogram weight lifter lowers binding globulin anabolic hormones, 50%.

This means that the reception performance of other steroids in combination with stanozolol increase significantly. However, the greatest impact it brings injectable form of the drug. Because of its short duration of action period it is necessary to give injections in different muscles.

So, for example, with only one injection in the buttocks active ingredient do not always have time to get to all the muscle groups. Too large an anabolic effect from taking stanozolol can be expected, although the increase in visual muscles will still, especially those where the injections were made. The result is retained for a long time.

Among other things, this steroid has a positive effect on fat burning. The optimum dosage of stanozolol is 50-100 mg daily. Although professional athletes and take 300 mg.

It should also be noted that the result will only daily administration, less frequent injections will give nothing. Side effects of stanozolol Like other anabolic steroids stanozolol has a negative effect on the activity of the liver. Although this drug does not have a strong effect aromatoznym, yet the prostate it also affects not the best way.

In addition, you may experience hair loss and acne. At the same time, stanozolol less own inhibits synthesis of hormones and in most cases does not cause gynecomastia. Stanozolol may also be perfectly combined with other anabolics, such as oxandrolone.

This combination will contribute to significant increase in power rates. In addition, this combination is most often used by athletes for whom weight gain is not very important. This drug can also be combined with steroids, has a strong androgenic effect.

As mentioned above, stanozolol can significantly reduce the effects of flavoring. Furthermore, stanozolol can be taken in the period of drying, combining his welcome with boldenone. Stanozolol 10ml Stanozolol is itself a unique anabolic.

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