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), Adolescents and children, as well as persons suffering from diseases of the heart, spleen, liver, eye, prostate. The drug is not suitable for all forms of hypertension and glaucoma. For the prevention of adverse effects after the exit at the maximum daily reception, it makes sense to parallel receiving aromatase inhibitors. Side effects In view of the similarity METANABOL with natural hormones, it is observed a partial transformation into estrogens, which is manifested puffiness of fabrics, gynecomastia, and acne.

Women in the exchange rate is often observed receptions masculinization, alopecia (hair loss), myocardial hypertrophy and decreased libido (sexual desire normal). Anabol (Methandienone) British Dispensery 100 tabs / 10mg The drug is a derivative of testosterone, but has a lower androgenic activity. The steroid is popular among athletes, it is also used in medicine for the treatment of burns and plastic surgery. Anabol provides a fast increase in muscle mass, has androgenic and anabolic qualities.

Precautions for admission The drug can strongly retain water in the body, moreover, it is quite toxic to the liver. When you receive may appear rash, face swells. It is on these grounds, and you can find the person who takes this steroid. The drug has the ability flavored, so its intake is recommended to combine with antiestrogens.

Mode of application The usual dose is 15-30 mg, you must take a short time for a set of muscle mass. Stanover (stanozolol) Vermodje 100tab / 10mg This drug has a high index of anabolic and low androgenic effect. Buy Stanover necessary, since it is effective in precompetitive preparation of athletes. Anabolic works well when combined courses of steroids on the dry weight, it also goes well with different steroids.

The drug affects the increase in strength and endurance, so this tool is popular among athletes. Weightlifters, boxers and various other security officials. Has the effect of Stanover. It increases stamina and strength of a man.

Displays the body of excess water. Improves supply of bone calcium. Slowing catabolic processes. Stimulates anabolic processes that affect the growth of muscle.

Effectively fat is burned. Stanover Vermodje contains flavorings causing adverse reactions in the body. The drug has a high bioavailability, no adverse effects on the liver, because it has a low percentage of toxicity. In contrast to many of these drugs can be used Stanover women because it has low androgenic activity - up to 30%.

Instructions for use of a set of muscle mass and increased power performance medication is best taken in combination with other steroidal agents. For example, steroids by 200mg per week and Stanover Vermodzhe 10 mg every other day throughout the course of treatment (days 7-8). In general it is recommended to employ the following dosage. 20 to 100 mg of a steroid, once a day or every other day.

Do not take the product if there is increased sensitivity to one of the components.

Stanozolol 250

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