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Courses jelfa sustanon 250 and winstrol Admission. For the lovers - 6 - 8 weeks of taking 40 mg Stanazola a day, reception will give you 3-4 kg myaska quality that will remain with you for a long time (but do not forget about the negative impact on the joints stanazola). For the drying - 6 - 8 weeks of taking, on Stanazola 40- 50 mg per day + Testosterone propenoate 50 - 100 mg per day. For the Narcissus - 6 weeks of taking, trenbolone acetate, 75 - 100 mg every other day + Stanazolol 30 - 50 mg daily. Dianabol Danabol (active substance methandienone) Pros.

Speed dialing muscle. The increase in power rates. Increased appetite. Anti-catabolic effect. Acceleration of protein synthesis.

Slight fat-burning effect. Improving the digestibility of the protein. Minuses. Hepatotoxicity (increased negative effect on the liver). Suppresses testosterone production.

Arc worsens the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes. High blood pressure. Acne. Gynecomastia. High levels of bad cholesterol.

PS The side effects can be avoided in advance to delivery of analyzes and conduct after the course of therapy. Courses reception. For the novice - 6 weeks of taking 30 mg a day (I do not advise to choose this course as the first because Dianabol very heavy medication and I would not recommend starting your pharmacological experience with it). For the students - 6 - 8 weeks for reception of 30 - 40 mg per day (Danabol) +50 - 100 mg of testosterone propionate (one day).

Jelfa Sustanon 250 And Winstrol

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