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After the cycle is boldenona y sustanon resultados nba desirable to PCT (see. Below) and take a break for at least 3 months. Objective assessment Pheravol-V Effects Pheravol-V Pheravol-V - a typical steroid that has all the typical steroid side-effects. Pheravol-V is not a pheromone. Initially, the drug was developed for athletes to evade doping tests, and to date the standard tests do not detect Pheravol-V.

On the effectiveness of Pheravol-V is comparable to Dianabol (methandrostenolone), ie, the drug has a very strong anabolic effect, but causes less accumulation of water in the tissues, practically no effect on libido, the rest of the side effects are also similar to Dianabol. Reviews Pheravol-V is almost always positive, negative reviews are mainly associated with side effects. Now Pheravol-V is banned, and purchase it legally impossible. Side effects and special instructions Pheravol-V has a number of side effects associated with steroid structure 17a-Methyl-etioallocholan-2-ene-17b-ol. Most often there are.

Fluctuations in blood pressure, irritability, acne, liver toxicity (due to the presence of the methyl group), gynecomastia, prostatic hypertrophy (difficulty urinating), testicular atrophy, baldness, cardiac hypertrophy. The drug is not recommended for people under 21 years, due to hormonal imbalance, women. Do not take Pheravol-V if you participate in competitions. Prevention of side effects 1. For the prevention of liver disease take hepatoprotectors (Essentsiale, Geptral etc.) 2.

To prevent gynecomastia and fluid accumulation take antiestrogens (tamoxifen). 3. To restore the hormonal spend PCT (T-911). 4. When excessive irritability or pressure gradients take sedatives (Motherwort).

5. If you have any side effects, the treatment begins with dose reduction or complete abolition Pheravol-V. Pre-Load Creatine Complex Pre-Load Creatine Complex - creatine with the addition of a large amount of fast carbohydrates (sugar) to improve the assimilation of Optimum Nutrition. The addition of different poorly balanced composition. Description of products Pre-Load Creatine Complex - a special creatine transport system.

This creatine complex includes a 100-percent creatine monohydrate and carbohydrates special vysokoglikemicheskim index. As the other components acts as taurine, inosine and coenzymes Q10. They increase the speed and efficiency of transportation contained in the preparation of creatine in the muscle, resulting in increasing the production of ATP, improving oxygen utilization muscles. Pre-Load Creatine Complex has excellent taste, it does not contain any artificial flavors, and sweeteners or coloring agents. Preparation Pre-Load Creatine Complex has as dextrose basis - this contributes to a temporary increase in insulin levels, which provides a better absorption of creatine in the muscle.

Taurine increases the amount of cells, improves muscle growth. Other components are added to increase strength and stamina. The unique formula of the drug will provide the body a powerful cocktail of nutrients that are recognized as the most effective for the purposes of increasing energy and strength. Ingredients Amount per serving (2 scoops) Calories - 280 kcal Total carbohydrates - 70 g Sugar - 64 g Phosphorus - 280 mg (28% of the recommended daily intake) Magnesium - 68 mg (17%) Sodium - 100 mg (4%) Potassium - 170 mg (5%) Creatine monohydrate - 10 g Glutamine - 2g Taurine - 1 g L-leucine - 1 g L-isoleucine - 500 mg L-valine - 500 mg Trimethylglycine - 500 mg Instructions for use Stir 2 scoops of the product in a glass of cold water. The training days take 1-2 scoops 30-60 minutes before a workout.

Boldenona Y Sustanon Resultados Nba

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