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Effects decanoate • Strengthening ligaments and bones (used to treat osteoporosis). • A set of muscle mass (for the course is dialed up to 10 kg of muscle mass and minimal rollback phenomenon). • Pass the joint pain, due to the increase produced by the synovial fluid.

• Improved transport of oxygen due to the addition of packed red blood cells in the blood. • Increased immune protection (used for people with AIDS). Due to low androgenic activity, side effects like acne, hair loss, hair growth on the body are very rare, and yet they are possible, as with any other steroid.

Studies have shown that nandrolone is able to transform into estrogens, almost five times less than testosterone. High level of conversion in the liver. At high doses estrogenic activity will be seen more often.

Nandrolone love athletes because it helps to set the minimum weight and causes the phenomenon of rollback. Side effects It was found that nandrolone binds to progestin receptors, and thereby shows progestin activity. Besides, decanoate causes more side effects, namely.

• Pain in the back - 16% • Headache - 21% • Rhinitis - 14% • Rash - 9%. Also, during the course can raise blood pressure, irritability, abdominal pain, depression and some other side effects. Progestin side effects Connecting with progestin receptors nandrolone awakens prolactin and inhibits the secretion of gonadotropins.

Prolactin is very similar to estrogen. Side effects are manifested in the accumulation of body fat, reduction in testosterone production and, in rare cases, gynecomastia. Reduced levels of testosterone in the blood and the effect of progestin receptors may lead to a reduction of libido.

To prevent gynecomastia and languid erection, you should take inhibitors of prolactin. Bromocriptine or cabergoline. These drugs increase the orgasm and increase sexual desire (outside the course and during).

Also antiprogestinovuyu activity is drug Winstrol. The course nandrolone Nandrolone is very slow. Its anabolic effects unfold gradually, with an increase in muscle mass.

Therefore decanoate rate must be longer than with other anabolic agents. • The course lasts decanoate approximately 9-10 weeks, while there are cases that athletes used the drug and up to six months, at the same time gradually increasing the dosage. • Usually dekaoata injection administered once a week.

If your volume is large weekly medications, injections are split into two injections. • If the rate is more than 8 weeks, it is necessary to take additional chorionic gonadotropin (administered from the 4th week of the course, 500 ME 2 1 times per week). After a course of gonadotropin administered in the usual way FCT.

• To get rid of the progestin activity should be supplemented by a course of bromocriptine, starting from the 2nd week and ending after 3 weeks of completion of the injection of nandrolone 1.25 mg, 2 times a day. • To resume the hypothalamic-pituitary-testes used Clomid 50 mg (with the gradual abolition of) the last week of the course and ending after 3 weeks. • Gonadotropin can replace testosterone boosters (less efficient).

• For a good effect, stick to a diet for a set of weights and use a set of sports nutrition. Combined courses dekaonata Solo Course decanoate has many disadvantages, namely, decreased libido, suppression of testosterone and others. All of these disadvantages are eliminated due to testosterone (add year).

Nandrolone is well combined with other drugs, namely with Winstrol. Testosterone 1 time per week for 250 - 650 mg respectively 400 mg nandrolone also once a week. With Sustanon 250 500 for a week and once a week nandrolone at 400mg.

Methandrostenolone with 10-40 mg daily in combination with testosterone and nandrolone at 250-400 mg once weekly. HGH In recent years, often began to talk about the growth hormone. This topic is becoming more interesting for fans of bodybuilding, and for professionals.

But many people do not know very well what kind of product, how it affects the body. Growth hormone - a protein that is produced without interruption anterior pituitary. Other pituitary hormones are produced in much smaller quantities.

This material is produced on the extent of life of any person. Only when the body is actively growing, it occurs in up to 20 years, a hormone produced much more. With each decade the rate of its production falls by about 14%.

So, in order that the concentration of this element in the body is not reduced, it is taken further, inject into the body. HGH, however, like many other hormones has been working for a long time. Peaks in the secretion is more.

They occur approximately after 2-3 hours of sleep a person at night and continue on at regular intervals. The concentration of growth hormone is from 1 to 5 ng / ml. When a person has reached a peak in secretion, increases sometimes up to 45 ng / ml.

Very interesting data showed studies conducted in the early 90s. After the injection of the substance has been observed a significant improvement in the condition and slows aging. These data are of course greatly exaggerated by journalists, but all the same life expectancy when taking growth hormone actually increased.

Growth hormone serves to stimulate the growth of the linear and the increase of the internal organs. That it causes increase in size and number of muscle cells as well as cells of other organs. Liver, adrenal gland, etc.

If growth hormone buy, and then begin to prick, then it increases the metabolism of protein compounds, fats and carbohydrates. In addition, buy growth hormone in the body is to increase the yield of glucose in the vein going to the liver and enhance gluconeogenesis. It's not all positive aspects of receiving growth hormone.

It is this substance improves transport us all so necessary amino acids in muscle cells, increases protein synthesis.

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