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Enriched with vitamin E and lecithin. Rapidly absorbed. Portion - 2 gel capsules. Basis Superior Amino 2222 caps.

20 kinds of amino acids. BCAA 350 mg per serving. It provides essential amino acids. Free forms of L-carnitine and L-ornithine.

Rapidly absorbed. Portion - 2 capsules. Servings per container. 300 capsules or gel capsules - 150 servings.

150 capsules or gel capsules - 75 servings. 320 tablets - 160 servings. 160 tablets - 80 servings. Recommended Use Take Superior Amino 2222 as a dietary food supplement, namely, 2 capsules (or tablets) for about 45 minutes before a meal (before breakfast, lunch and dinner) as well as to the training and 45 minutes afterwards.

It is best to combine this supplement with high-quality carbohydrate-protein concentrate. Depending on your needs, one portion can be increased to 4-6 capsules, tablets for the reception. Anabol 5 (10) Anabol-5 (supposedly analogue anaboly) - Non-steroidal supplement from Nutrex (currently produced by other companies, the brand is also found Anabol 10) used by beginners and experienced bodybuilders much less for a set of muscle mass. According to the producers, the increase in weight when using Anabol 5 up to 7 kg per month and its efficiency exceeds all existing analogues.

However, in reality Anabol 5 is not 100% effective. Description of products Anabol 5 is called the first drug is so effective in improving protein synthesis in the human body in hormone levels without the intervention of anabolic steroid drugs. This material affects the metabolism so that there is a significant increase in the rate of synthesis of muscle protein. Thus, at a reasonable quality and the training, the preparation stimulates the anabolism, and inhibits the process of destruction of muscle protein.

In addition, the possibility of Anabol 5 adaptogenic prevent onset of muscle fatigue, allowing you to increase the volume of strength training. Multiphasic pills anaboly provide a quick effect, allow to maintain a high metabolism throughout the day. The first phase is a high-speed anabolic system containing vitamin complex. This phase starts its action almost immediately after taking the pill, leading the body into an anabolic state.

This is the most important in the morning in the transition from sleep to wakefulness and immediately after your workout. The second phase - an anabolic amplifier with a prolonged effect. If the ingredients of the first phase have almost immediate anabolic effects on muscle, the second phase significantly enhances the effect caused and contributes to its preservation for the longest period. Ingredients Composition of 1 tablet.

Ditsiklopentanon - 2 mg. 6-Keto-Diosgenin - 1 mg. Acetate ester - 1 mg. Propionate ester - 1 mg.

Cypionate ester - 1 mg. Decanoate ester - 1 mg. Gekogenin acetate - 1 mg.

Estinette Pillola Indicazioni Augmentin

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