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Optionally, power of understanding the effect of Nano Vapor, you can gradually increase your intake to 2-3 measuring spoons, mixing them with dose augmentin child hikma 250-350ml of water. For greater effect Nano Vapor is best taken on an empty stomach. Do not take more than 3 Nano Vapor scoops in 24 hours. Do not shake the jar, it should be fixed for 10-15 seconds before it opened. Do not keep an open jar for more than 30 seconds.

Nanoparticles are not visible to the naked eye and can escape. Attention, the expert Note. It is reasonable to take the Nano Vapor only on training days. During the rest of the use of additives is considered not justified, since the combination of substances designed specifically to meet the needs of the body during training. During the rest of 90% of members of Nano Vapor useless, so more economical and less efficient use of creatine monohydrate, arginine, BCAA and protein separately.

Expert assessment First, you need to debunk the mythical miraculous Nano Vapor, it can not be suspended even called a breakthrough in the world of sports nutrition. Nano Vapor - is another soup (contrary to the description MuscleTech) of the long-known components, with the addition of several new ingredients worthy of attention, which will be discussed below. Attention is drawn to the very high price of Nano Vapor. On average it is 2700 rubles for 40 servings. Considering that to good effect must be taken at least 3 servings at a time, one package will not be enough even for 2 weeks.

Looking up, you will notice that each piece is almost half of the carbohydrates, which are represented by maltodextrin. Maltodextrin - a very cheap component that resembles the properties of regular sugar with a slightly slower rate of assimilation. Thus, the presence of large amounts of carbohydrates reduces the content of active substances in two times, in other words for a useful composition you pay two times, provided that the already high cost. However, MuscleTech has always distinguished exorbitant prices, colorful advertising and average efficiency, in fact, and Nano Vapor is no exception. We consider in detail the composition of Nano Vapor.

1. Intravol (volumizing complex) Contains various forms of creatine, taurine (all forms of performance are no different from the traditional) and maltodextrin, all the rest has no effect and is present only for the purpose of presence. Glycocyamine all potentially harmful substances, which also reduces the absorption of creatine. 2. Vasoprime (NO matrix) Contains multiple forms of arginine, efficiency, they are all the same.

Norvaline - an amino acid that blocks the destruction of NO is an interesting component. In addition there are a number of ingredients that are not relevant to the nitrogen oxide. 3. Nano Vapor NeuroAMP (psychoactive catalyst) The strongest side of the Nano Vapor. Almost all components are working on means of activating the central nervous system by stimulating neurotransmitters.

Sulbutiamine Gyuperzin and can enhance potency, in combination with arginine can be obtained tangible improvement of sexual function, but improvements will occur only during reception Nano Vapor. However, do not understand the mentality of the overwhelming role of the component - oktadetsenoamida. 4. Anaphex (anabolic / anti-catabolic complex) Under the anabolic and catabolic complex offers only a series of amino acids. Given the small quantity, the complex can be regarded as a worker.

5. Infernogen (lipolytic complex) Caffeine, tea extract and yohimbine - the standard components of any fat burner. It should be noted that the complex may interfere with muscle gain in connection with the activation of catabolic processes. 6. MyoGF (a complex of growth) Warning Absolutely inefficient!.

Dose Augmentin Child Hikma

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