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To date, there is probably no single professional bodybuilder, precompetitive preparation which does not include trenbolone. The ideal component precompetitive cycle trenbolone makes the following fact - according to one study, this drug helps burn excess fat. However, in the presence of an excess of estradiol in the blood fat burning qualities trenbolone not manifest itself. In practice, this means that for the manifestation of the effect of fat burning trenbolone should be combined with non-aromatizing steroids such as methenolone, oxandrolone, or the same drostanolone and stanozolol. The use of women The use of trenbolone does not lead to severe virilization, but the risk is that of all the same there.

Women reshivshiesya the use of trenbolone should significantly reduce its dosage compared to the stronger sex - a weekly dosage of the drug should not, in my opinion, more than 100 mg. Trenbolone enanthate Description Trenbolone enanthate - a relatively new drug, it appeared on the market not so long ago. But popularity has already managed to win. In fact, trenbolone enanthate is virtually tsiklogeksilmetilkarbonatnogo ether analogue of the same steroid, its side chain a little more long, but has a slightly lower molecular weight. Result - somewhat greater half-life (one or at most two of the day), and a slightly higher content actually broadcast trenbolone.

Application Trenbolone enanthate gives a somewhat greater increase power performance than the acetate ester of the same drug. The same applies to a set of weight - is the use of the drug with a longer chain of the ester gives the best results. Dosages The optimal solution can be regarded as an injection preparation 250 mg of active compound every 4-5 days. Trenbolone If terenbolona acetate always produced only as a veterinary drug, the trenbolone tsiklogeksilmetilkarbonat was released by French company Negma under the trademark Parabolan┬╗ (Parabolan) for use in traditional pharmacology. This ester can be called even Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, it was under this name it is issued at this time.

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