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Androbol 300 active ingredient - testosterone decanoate 100mg, 50mg testosterone propionate, testosterone cypionate 50 mg, 50 mg testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone atseteta 50 mg, active substance concentration of 300 mg / ml. Androbol 300 - a representative of the anabolic steroid injections with an ideal price / performance ratio. It is characterized by fairly high anabolic activity and androgenic effect. The drug saturates the blood with oxygen, stimulates protein synthesis, through which increases muscle mass. Androbol 300 is a cocktail of the most effective testosterone esters, which ensures its popularity among powerlifters and bodybuilders.

Numerous testimonials from athletes indicate positive role Androbola to improve athletic performance by increasing muscle endurance and power capabilities. Possible side effects include genikomastiya sometimes skin rashes (in the case of overdosing), kidney and liver dysfunction (chronic administration). Androbol 300 inhibits the production of natural testosterone, therefore increasing dosage or rate of administration may not lead to the growth of sports achievements and the problems of health. Androbol 300 is recommended to take no more than 1 time per week for a 6-week course. The maximum rate can last for 10 weeks.

Dosage ranges from 300 - 750 mg. For beginners, athletes should not exceed 500 mg dose. Course androbola 300 can provide a gain of about 10 kg of muscle mass. If such conditions are not met - that is no reason to increase the dosage, it is most likely a sign of inadequate or unbalanced diet or improper training regime. Increase muscle growth possible while taking the drug in combination Danabol, Strombafortom, preparations based on nandrolone decanoate.

Eliminate the symptoms of side effects androbol 300 help antiestrogens (Proviron Tamoksimed). TESTENOL-250 10ml TESTENOL-250 10ml Testosterone enanthate - Coal Mining testosterone based enantatnogo ether, dissolved in oil, made especially for the slow absorption into the blood stream from the site injection. Peak release it into the blood - the first few days, then its level in the blood goes down smoothly for two weeks. In medical practice it is used for the treatment of hypogonadism, i.e. Lack of natural testosterone.

TESTENOL-250 is more convenient for the patient, because it requires much less frequent injections than with testosterone propionate ester. Testosterone - a powerful drug with a clearly manifested side effects. Most of the side effects occur because of its flavoring.

Wellbutrin Vs Cabergoline

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