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GHRP-2 GHRP-2 (from the English. Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide - 2 - releasing peptide growth hormone) - a stimulator of growth hormone (somatotropin), which showed good performance in people with sublingual and buccal administration. GHRP-2 is perhaps the single most powerful booster (stimulant) produce growth hormone in existence today. GHRP-2 is an oligopeptide which is able to penetrate through the mouth and the vessels enter the bloodstream bypassing the liver.

Studies have shown that GHRP-2 stimulates the pituitary, leading to increased secretion of growth hormone in 7-15 times (other stimulators of growth hormone, based on the amino acids GABA and enhance the level of not more than 2-3 times the original). Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide - consists of two series-connected six amino acids. This stimulator of growth hormone is included in the group of peptides that interact with G protein-coupled receptors, pituitary and hypothalamus, and it activates grelinovye receptors, which in turn leads to increased appetite. These peptides were first prepared in late Ages of metenkefalina (synthetic peptide).

While GHRP-2 which has no structural similarities to the growth hormone releasing hormone (endogenous bioactive substance which stimulates the production of natural growth hormone), in clinical trials, this substance showed similar effects on the pituitary. The stimulator of growth hormone GHRP-2 has a low molecular weight, thus easily penetrates through a well-vascularized mucosa of the oral cavity, thus avoiding the parenteral route. The efficacy and tolerability of sublingual, buccal and intranasal administration method is confirmed in medical research. Results of clinical tests, published in Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism in 1997 showed that Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide - 2 increases the production of growth hormone in both children and adults, and even the elderly.

The main effects Growth hormone secretagogues Increased appetite (due to activation of receptors grelinovyh) Reduced body fat and increased muscle (ie, gain relief) Lowering cholesterol levels Strengthening bones Improving the properties of the skin (rejuvenation) Protective effect on liver Anti-inflammatory effect Warning GHRPeptide-2 is the most powerful and at the same time secure a stimulator of secretion of growth hormone in existence on the market of sports nutrition at the moment (for potency, he can be compared with the preparations of growth hormone), which is confirmed by a number of independent studies, the key list of which is presented here. Doses and mode of reception The level of growth hormone in a dose dependent GHRP-2, with a reception intranozalnom In studies, it was determined that the stimulator of growth hormone GHRP-2 has a dose-dependent effect, ie increase the level of growth hormone is directly dependent on the dose of the substance, and regardless of gender, age and the amount of body fat. It was later conducted another study in children which clearly defined the dependence of the concentration of the growth hormone dose of GHRP-2 (see. Charts).

Attention To obtain the effect of bodybuilding, GHRP-2 is applied in a dose of 1-2 g per 1 kg of body weight, 2-3 times per day. That is, the average single dose bodybuilding varies from 100-200 mg. Most often performed 2-3 injections every day (15 minutes before meals, after training and before going to bed), 100-200 mg intramuscularly. There are reports of the use of the substance on the 1000 mcg 2-3 times a day, without adverse reactions.

However, we do not recommend to increase the dosage, as the pace of enhancing the effect of the peptide significantly reduced at doses above 200 mg, at the same time may increase the concentration of cortisol and prolactin. Yuri BOMBEL to reduce prolactin recommends connecting Cabergoline (Dostinex). Attention, It is expedient to mix the peptide with GRF (1-29) or CJC-1295 to maximize the (synergistic) effect cost savings and solve the problem of desensitization.. Combined courses are described in the relevant articles.

Attention Presumably, because of the short half-life of GHRP-2, a significant increase in the concentration of IGF-1 in the blood does not occur, despite high but transient increase in growth hormone. Therefore, it is recommended to combine the drug with other peptides with a long half-life (CJC-1295) Preparation and storage of the solution It vial to cool to room temperature, and then enter the desired volume of water for injection (which must flow down the wall of the bottle) and stir smooth rotary motion (or shake) and let stand in the refrigerator. The solution is quite stable. Moreover, the stability in this case does not depend on the type of solvent (water or bacteriostatic water for injection).

Shelf life in the refrigerator is about 30-35 days.

Tab Cabergoline 0.25

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