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Before eating. The next day I take the whole tablet has 40 mg. Again in the morning.

I can honestly say that my body is too sensitive and I start to Truhanov already 20 mcg., So to avoid this disgrace, taking the drug ketotifen, which can be bought at any pharmacy without a prescription. The cost of a cheap ... In Ketotifenum RANS 5-8 UAH.

I begin to take one tablet ketotifen + tabs maple floor. And so to the end of the course. When the dosage of maple rise to 80-120 micrograms.

I have 2 tabs yuzayu ketotifen. And you are no pobochek.Ne use clenbuterol after two or three hours in the afternoon, and then you go to sleep is unlikely) Standard, time-tested scheme rate of clenbuterol for weight loss, is as follows. The first day, half of the tabs - 20 mg.

The second day - the whole tablet - 40 mg. + 1 tablet ketotifen necessary, Third - 1.5 tabs, which is 60 micrograms. Fourth, the two tabs = 80 micrograms.

Fifth - 2.5 +2 tabs tabs ketotifen. With six to 12 days, you must take three tablets of clenbuterol. On the thirteenth day we go for a fall - 80mkg, Day 14 - 40 micrograms.

On the fifteenth day, take a break for two weeks, then you can start a new course. I note that in the course of a maple, you must use at least 3 liters of water a day.

Schedlowski Cabergoline Dose

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