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Oxandrolone, the active pituitary tumors cabergoline versus bromocriptine a meta-analysis ingredient Oksanabola, created in 1964 by the pharmaceutical company Searle Co (USA), to stimulate growth in children and women suffering from osteoporosis. Oxanabol promotes protein synthesis and inhibits the body's need for this substance. Furthermore, Oksanabol holds calcium that promotes the growth and strengthening of the skeleton. Athletes, especially athletes, quickly assessed the property to increase the strength of the drug.

Oxanabol also used the siloviki who want to improve their performance, but to stay in the same weight category. For those athletes who have a contraindication to testosterone, Oxanabol - perhaps the only alternative to giving the opportunity to achieve high results. In combination with other steroid use Oksanobola stimulates quality muscles. Women taking Oxanabol, should not exceed a daily dose of 20-40 mg.

Subject to a dosage in women showed no signs of masculinization and other side effects. At the same doses recommended Oxanabol athletes-athletes. Male bodybuilders for a significant increase in power performance is recommended to use no less than 50 mg and not more than 150 mg a day Oksanobola during cycles as in individual dose, and in combination with other agents, and between cycles of 30-40 mg per day. Women Oksanobol - one of the best drugs, as it gives an opportunity to improve athletic performance and to maintain femininity.

Besides, it does not contribute Oksanabol virilization. The drug also has inhibitory effects on the growth zone and helping young athletes achieve high results in an easy and weightlifting. Oxanabol daily dose can be divided into 3 doses as the period of half-life of the active substance 8-9 hours. At any dose Oksanabola steroid does not aromatize and the level of female hormones in the male body is not increased.

Increasing the dose does not contribute to accelerated muscle gain. Oxanabol not affect the production of testosterone. If you had not taken Oksanabol description of the drug will help you to understand the nature of the active substances and the feasibility of its application in accordance with your goals. Oksanobol in combination with other drugs increases the effects of certain anabolic steroids, however particularly effective in combination with either methandienone oxymetholone.

Between cycles Oksanobol taken with methenolone or Andriol. Athletes who have problems when taking the testosterone-to-date, Oksanabol can be combined with nandrolone decanoate. In the drying the preparation has shown good results in combination with clenbuterol, fluoxymesterone and stanozolol. Oksanobol in combination with such drugs assists in short time does not increase the volume of watery, namely muscle quality, since it is not receiving excess fluid accumulates in muscle tissue.

Set the masses can not be considered the main purpose Oksanabola, but in combination with other drugs it makes a noticeable positive result in the recruitment of the masses. It is also well retains Accrued weight between massonabornymi cycles, particularly in combination with testosterone undekanoatom.Oxanabol Tablets - quite effective means for drying. Many researchers have noted oxandrolone, the active substance Oksanabola properties of burning fat, but this feature is most evident when dieting. This feature is associated with that has the ability to stabilize Oksanabol androgen receptors and increase their numbers, particularly in adipose tissues.

Burning fat, increase muscle strength and to give them stiffness make Oxanobol ideal means of training an athlete to compete. Moreover, the metabolites Oxanabol by British Dragon excreted fast enough for 10-12 days, which makes it interesting for the competing athletes undergoing a doping test. Oksanabol - one of the safest steroid medications, since almost no side effects. But his acting steroid is considered potentially dangerous to the liver, as well as any oral steroid.

Pituitary Tumors Cabergoline Versus Bromocriptine A Meta-Analysis

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