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It is worth noting that this combination is valuable only at the exit from the steroid course, because in the middle or kecelakaan truk cabergoline the beginning of the use of gonadotropins, and even more so is neobosnovannym.Preparat Clomid has a long term impact - the timing of its activities are limited to 5-6 days. This causes a good absorbability of the drug. In this regard, the average dose to achieve anabolic effect to be on the border of 5000 ME (IU) per week. Injections need to do just once a week, as more frequent injections, with less medication, more harm than enhance it effektivnost.Dozy Horagona as part of PCT are directly dependent on the severity of the steroid course.

If steroid course goes beyond four weeks, and the amount of the drugs for more than two, it is recommended to take gonadotropin twice a week for 500-100 IU. In the case of the short duration of the course duration (around 4 weeks) and using one - two drugs on him, the need to accept gonadotropin eliminated altogether or reduced to minimumu.Dozirovka using Choragon'a as a drug for weight loss should not exceed the amount in ME 1000 per week. Methandrostenolon 5 Methandrostenolone - anabolic, which is a derivative of testosterone. The drug has androgenic activity, however, is less than testosterone.

For the same anabolic effects, androgenic activity methandrostenolone 100 times less than that of testosterone propionate. Despite the fact that the drug was developed in 1956, this steroid is still one of the most popular among athletes as it quickly allows to obtain an increase in muscle mass and strength, and also has high andrgennye and anabolic properties. As a result of the use of methandrostenolone delayed glycogen, improves endurance. Furthermore, methandrostenolone used in medicine in the treatment of trauma, burns, plastic surgery, with growth retardation in children for the treatment of diseases in which the protein metabolism is disturbed.

Methandrostenolone is toxic to the liver, besides it, even in small quantities can be flavored. To avoid aromatization recommended parallel with drug use antiestrogens. The drug can increase the pressure and strongly retain water, and in connection with the conversion into dihydrotestosterone methandrostenolone, may sometimes be formed pryschevaya rash. Most often, the person who uses the drug, can be found on a decent size and watery swollen mind.

Methandrostenolone can be used in small doses and for a short time in cycles on weight. The usual dose - 15-30 mg per day. Oxanobol 10 Oksanabol - low steroid anabolic activity stimulating the synthesis of creatine phosphate in muscle cells, thereby increasing power performance. The active ingredient - oxandrolone, which was originally developed for women and children, so Oxanabol 50 mg is characterized by a mild effect, and subject to the recommended dose does not have side effects.

Oxandrolone, the active ingredient Oksanabola, created in 1964 by the pharmaceutical company Searle Co (USA), to stimulate growth in children and women suffering from osteoporosis. Oxanabol promotes protein synthesis and inhibits the body's need for this substance. Furthermore, Oksanabol holds calcium that promotes the growth and strengthening of the skeleton. Athletes, especially athletes, quickly assessed the property to increase the strength of the drug.

Oxanabol also used the siloviki who want to improve their performance, but to stay in the same weight category. For those athletes who have a contraindication to testosterone, Oxanabol - perhaps the only alternative to giving the opportunity to achieve high results. In combination with other steroid use Oksanobola stimulates quality muscles. Women taking Oxanabol, should not exceed a daily dose of 20-40 mg.

Subject to a dosage in women showed no signs of masculinization and other side effects. At the same doses recommended Oxanabol athletes-athletes. Male bodybuilders for a significant increase in power performance is recommended to use no less than 50 mg and not more than 150 mg a day Oksanobola during cycles as in individual dose, and in combination with other agents, and between cycles of 30-40 mg per day. Women Oksanobol - one of the best drugs, as it gives an opportunity to improve athletic performance and to maintain femininity.

Besides, it does not contribute Oksanabol virilization. The drug also has inhibitory effects on the growth zone and helping young athletes achieve high results in an easy and weightlifting. Oxanabol daily dose can be divided into 3 doses as the period of half-life of the active substance 8-9 hours. At any dose Oksanabola steroid does not aromatize and the level of female hormones in the male body is not increased.

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