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However, the growth hormone is secreted in the greatest amount. Over-regulation and education STG responsible hypothalamic releasing ashamed to somastostatinom who actively produced throughout the life cycle. Maximum peak GH reaches puberty to 20 years, and then at regular intervals is reduced by 14% every 10 years of life.

Positive pharmacological properties of injectable drugs with working substance HGH. It has potent anabolic effects, which leads to local muscle hypertrophy, and further increases the number of fibers and myofibrils in working muscle group. Activated phase of the anti-catabolic actions specifically for muscle tissue, other structural deposits, such as subcutaneous fat can not be anabolic and anti-catabolic influence.

HGH burning subcutaneous fatty tissue by release of fatty acids in the blood and their transformation into energy, which establishes a positive energy balance within the muscle cells. GH increases the rate of recovery of ATP and glycogen in the muscle cells, it increases the power performance of the athlete, and push the threshold of neuromuscular fatigue. It has a rejuvenating effect on the whole body, there is an active renewal of cellular structures of the upper layer of the epidermis and increases the transport of nutrients unhindered while detoxifies and radicals.

There is growth stimulation atrophied internal organs, and restore them active functionality. STG activates bone growth and an increase in the growth in people under the age of 26 - years of age. Increases in blood glucose level, and reduces the amount of harmful cholesterol.

Significantly increases the protective functions of the human immune system. Growth hormone increases the sexual activity to the opposite sex. He takes an active part in the regeneration of bone and connective tissue.

Growth hormone has a positive effect on the course. Protein, fat, and carbohydrate process. Growth hormone has a positive effect on protein synthesis by stimulating the enhanced transport of essential amino acids into muscle cells.

Bodybuilders receiving growth hormone, activates positive nitrogen and protein synthesis, resulting in maximum recovery and hypertrophy of muscle fibers. Gaumont growth - it's incredibly awesome preparation having multiple number of positive qualities of the complete absence of side effects of traditional anabolic drugs have pronounced androgenic activity. Because of growth hormone, you make the body - worthy of your spirit.

This is recommended to use growth hormone Firstly, bodybuilders, weightlifters, triathletes and all athletes who train in the anaerobic mode with progressive increasing load for the development of muscle, with a minimum percentage of body fat, and increase resilience. Second, professional athletes, whose main objective is the development of stamina with increasing speed and power performance, and maximum relief of muscle without obvious changes in the weight category. Thirdly, if you want to increase muscle mass while burning fat will certainly buy growth hormone.

Cabergoline Resistant Prolactinoma

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