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It earned its popularity in the cabergoline buy ukash last century and still used by athletes of different levels all over the world. Its main effect is the activation of protein synthesis, glycogenolysis. Danabol significantly stronger the same amount of testosterone, since it does not bind to SHBG, and are not destroyed in the liver. Before the drug significantly increased power rates, as well as strengthening the skeletal system. Danabol Balkan also increases appetite, which allows you to rapidly gain muscle mass.

The drug is very well combined with other anabolic steroids. Combined courses more effective than rate of each drug separately, because both drugs will increase the effects of each other, eliminating the disadvantages of each, taken separately. Moreover, the combination allows efficient use of low dosages of the two drugs. Danabol. Longitudinal profile 1 / conversion to estrogen.

High 2 / anabolic index. 200%, androgen index. 50% 3 / duration. 6-8 hours 4 / detection time. 140 days.

Synonyms. Methane, Dianabol, Dianabolos, Naposim, Nerobolum, Anabol, Anabolin, Bionabol, Stenolon, Anaboral, Vanabol, Pronabol, Degidrometiltestosteron, Perbolin, Metastenol, Novabol, Perabol and others. Manufacturer. Balkan Pharmaseuticals (Moldova). Active substance.

Methandrostenolone, 10 mg. Packing. 5 blisters of 20 tab. The effects Danabol Balkans. - The rapid increase in muscle mass.

- Increase power performance. - Increased appetite. - Low fat burning. - To strengthen the skeletal system. Danabol.

Course Lovely are the following combinations. Danabol + Nandrolone Danabol + Testosterone Danabol + Sustanon Danabol Balkans. Dosage Effective dosages of the drug in the order of 20-35 mg per day. At such dosages side effects are almost never occur. Studies show that side effects Danabol begin to appear at doses of 50 mg per day or more.

Since Danabol flavored, it is a collection of fluid in the body, which occurs mainly in muscle tissue. However, this is easily prevented by adding Proviron® course, in the minimum dosages. 25 mg per day, divided into 2 equal reception. Regardless of whether you are a novice or an advanced athlete, the preparation always helps to get the desired result. In addition, Danabol Balkan - a great start, if you resort to the help of sports pharmacology for the first time.

It was with methane started its way almost all the great athletes. Side effects Methane from the Balkans has relatively weak androgenic effect (50%), but it is still there. Research about the side-effects showed that they are only possible with a strong prevyeshenii dosage (50 mg daily). Estrogen side effects associated with flavoring methandienone. 1.

Gynecomastia (feminization, breast enlargement). To prevent it, the course is required to apply the anti-estrogens (Proviron Provimed et al.), Which is almost 100% effective. Upon completion of the course it is important to post-cycle therapy, including tamoxifen and Clenbuterol. 2. Toxicity.

Danabol refers to methyl group Alpha 17, which gives him an opportunity as it passes through the liver does not break down, but have it mild toxic effects.

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