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Partial baldness boldenone undecylenate usp. 3. Nausea, dry mouth, a significant reduction in erection.

Less commonly manifested symptoms. 1. The rash on the body.

2. Very fast fatigue. 3.

Anorexia. 4. Possible temporary constipation.

Tamoxifen bodybuilding Among these side effects there are quite dangerous. For example, physicians are cases where the patient has severe headaches, a significant decrease in visual acuity, dizziness and others. Also, there were times when there were irregularities in the liver and other vital organs for humans.

Such cases are very rare, but unfortunately there are. That is why the drug should be taken under strict medical prescription. As you can see, the drug has a very strong side effects, so it is not recommended for people sensitive to its composition.

In bodybuilding, take medication in order to increase muscle mass, increasing their relief. Also to raise the total weight of the body, or vice versa, to decrease. You can purchase it in pharmacies of the city.

Sold without prescription. Since it is a rare substance, it may not in all pharmacies. Although its sales and is allowed without a prescription to buy it in this way should not be.

Before using it is necessary to consult with your doctor. At the expense of the drug is nothing impossible to say exactly. For each person, the dose is appointed the doctor individually.

The average daily intake of the drug is from ten to forty mg. Use it very easily. Each tablet is swallowed whole and washed down with a cold water.

When receiving tamoxifen to thirty milligrams per day, the side effects usually do not occur. Tamoxifen is pretty expensive drug. Its average price in the pharmacy is from one to two dollars per piece.

The package contains thirty pieces of tablets. The course of the drug is intended for seven packs. After some mathematical calculations show that one course of the drug would cost an athlete ninety dollars.

Doctors strongly recommend taking the drug in the second week of taking steroids. And to finish in two to three weeks after the steroids. The recommended dose of steroids - ten, twenty mg.

Recommended daily dose is such, as soon as the first week of steroids increases estrogen levels. Depending on the human body, the dose may be either smaller or larger. Immediately after the first week of steroids, you can start taking tamoxifen.

Turinabol Oral-Turinabol (OT) - is oral steroid developed over half a century ago, the company Jenafarm (Germany). Its substance is hlordegidrometiltestosteron which is mainly an anabolic effect, combined with relatively low doping (androgen) action. At 100% scale anabolic effect is 53%, and androgen - only 6%.

That is to say that the Oral-Turinabol does not belong to the category of steroids for lightning accumulation of muscle mass, weight and force that is undoubtedly an advantage. (For comparison, the impact of the drug Dianabol is. Androgenic - 45% -90% anaboliticheskoe.

It is stronger effects Oral-Turinabol is almost 7.5 times.) A significant increase in dry strength and muscle mass begins to manifest itself in just a few weeks of OT and will not be at the same time be accompanied by a drenched, in the case of testosterone, Anadrol 50 or Dianabol. Efficacy of RT is largely dependent on the dosage of the drug, which typically ranges between 20-50mg / day It should be noted that as a rule, athletes and bodybuilders taking daily 40-50mg Oral-Turinabol, celebrate good results. A significant increase in strength and muscle mass, which is accompanied by only a small water retention in the body.

Other side effects caused by estrogen activity, are very rare. It is because of these characteristics, Oral-Turinabol drug is so popular among weightlifters and powerlifters. Because of these properties, Oral-Turinabol fit in sport, not only for men but also for women.

It is safe enough for them, of course, if you use it in moderation, 2-2.5 times smaller than the male, for 4-5 weeks. As you know, predsorevnovatelny period for an athlete differs sharp reduction in food intake and the need to take fat burners. This steroid also gives excellent results while providing relief and poured muscles, without any hint of an excess of estrogen, gynecomastia and have plenty of muscle.

Turinabol (Turinabol) What is particularly pleasing, because what its metabolites are rapidly eliminated from the body, that is a result of the rapid degradation of the drug in the body, its decay products at the earliest possible time, excreted in the urine. So taking the drug during the competition, having a doping control is possible. However, while it is not known exactly what the term dosing should be maintained before the competition to the doping control was spotless.

As we know from reliable sources, in the case where only athletes took Turinabol Oral- as steroid doses 50-75mg / day (10-15 tablets) and stopped taking it exactly five days before a doping test at the analyzes and samples were negative results. There is one fact speaks in favor of the drug and confirms the accuracy of this information - the name of Oral Turinabol has never been mentioned in the lists of positive doping samples, in particular, Urinova. According to professional athletes, if the drug is taken without the support of any other steroid, everything will be fine, even if stop taking it about a week before the competition.

In the following days, you can use Andriol, the reception which was stopped two days before the test. Interesting results were obtained by observing the level of testosterone produced by the body. After about 14 days of receiving FROM (from 20 mg / day) it is somewhat suppressed and normalized within five days after stopping.

The level of own production of testosterone continues to rise, and may even exceed the figure available before the start of his administration. This rebound effect is difficult to overestimate in doping control. En production of testosterone restored relatively quickly, most likely because the drug itself Oral-Turinabol reduces its production by almost two times smaller than the other, for example, as opposed to 30-40% of normal when receiving Dianabol - 10-25%.

The manifestation of the possible side effects depends usually on the dosage or individual to individual.

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