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Beta Vularis boldenone undecylenate msds material safety (Root). Beet extract, the potential donator of nitrogen, as a rich source of nitrates. What can improve pumped muscle during strength training. DNA DNA - a complex consisting of BCAA, arginine and three vitamins from the company Magnum Nutraceuticals. Description of products MAGNUM DNA is the first supplement with strong anti-catabolic effect of BCAA.

In this preparation increases the density, and the fullness of muscles that support operations glycine and arginine. This product contains the most effective catalyst anabolic processes, called L-leucine alpha-keto-izokaproat calcium. All this helps to ensure a result that was previously unattainable. Within days of the first dose you will notice that your muscles have become somewhat tighter, as well as increased power rates. In addition, improved recovery, and there will be an opportunity for more intense workouts.

EPOZINE-O2 NT EPOZINE-O2 NT - the new complex additive from BSN included in the series of products under the brand of the NT complex action. Epozine combines creatine donator nitrogen hematopoietic stimulants, reducing agents and some other components. In many ways, similar to Epozine Nitrix. Description of products EPOZINE-O2 NT is a revolutionary product from BSN, anabolic volyumayzer plasma, which is designed for physical fitness, increase performance, increase the volume of blood plasma and lean muscle mass. EPOZINE-O2 NT - a means to accelerate muscle growth and filling.

Growth and muscle occurs due to increase oxygen utilization by muscle cells, improving oxygen delivery, support for the synthesis of oxygen carriers - red blood cells. EPOZINE-O2 NT - is a new generation product that will make your muscles grow and develop. At first glance, the composition EPOZINE-O2 NT resembles that of NITRIX. Only a portion of the ingredients EPOZINE-O2 NT are designed to expand blood vessels and improve blood flow. Both products are designed to increase the production of nitric oxide, which relaxes vascular wall, increasing the capacity of the vessels.

However, the similarities end products. In addition to the above, EPOZINE-O2 NT contains components that increase the oxygen consumption of cells, as well as accelerating its transport. This in turn leads to increased endurance, expedite recovery from exercise. You can train more intensively, and therefore get better results from every workout. Everything else, EPOZINE-O2 NT contains a number of insulin-like agents that increase the uptake of nutrients by muscle cells.

It accelerates protein synthesis and increase muscle and prevents muscle breakdown. Finally, the inclusion of Peak ATPĀ® and Creatine Magnesium Chelate accelerated recovery of ATP, which leads to increased power performance, increased power capacity and reduce muscle fatigue. Fierce Fierce - (Eng. Cruel) - pre-workout complex of SAN, is very popular, the best part of the TOR. Description of products Fierce was created primarily in order to increase endurance and power performance, helping the athlete to lift heavier weights and do exercises with more intensity.

Fierce SAN's perfectly reduces fatigue. Let's look at the composition of our product and will describe the contribution of each component to the overall effect of the addition. The special proprietary blend consists of five separate parts, each of which enhances the action of other ingredients. Cell Hydration Matrix - Matrix cellular hydration Of all the components of the SAN's Fierce most familiar to athletes is likely to be creatine, which is presented by various forms. A large number of studies have shown that creatine leads to an increase in strength and athletic performance.

There are several theories that explain the mechanism of action of creatine, the most likely of which is that creatine increases the concentration of creatine in skeletal muscle, accelerating the recovery of ATP - the main energy substrate body. Recently it has been shown that creatine also increases the glycogen content in muscles, and accelerates the synthesis of heavy chain myosin (contractile muscle protein) (Nelson et al. 2001). Creatine enhances the secretion of insulin-like growth factor. (Deldicque et al 2005) Why Fierce contains creatine malate?.

The fact that a key mediator malate in the so called tricarboxylic acid cycle, which provides the whole body with energy. It citric acid cycle synthesize new molecules of ATP. During prolonged aerobic activity the body needs increased amounts of malate, which can come in the form of creatine malate. Creatine Ethyl Ester - another form of creatine, which is one of the most popular at the moment. The main difference between the ethyl ester of creatine monohydrate is that the creatine molecule is not associated with water and ether.

Creatine monogdirat, entering the digestive tract, is rapidly losing a molecule of water and becomes a byproduct of metabolism - creatinine, which is useless for the muscles. Despite the fact that the slag creatinine is a natural body, bodybuilding, it may be a number of adverse effects. Creatine which is coupled with the ester molecule contains no water and is not converted into creatinine. Creatine Ester does not cause problems with digestion. Nitro NO - nitric oxide One of the key factors in the control of the lumen of blood vessels, which is contained in Fierce by SAN - nitric oxide (NO).

In the body, nitric oxide is synthesized from the amino acid - arginine. When nitric oxide reacts with the vessel wall, it begins to relax, resulting in increased clearance and increased blood flow. Skeletal muscles need large amounts of blood, which carries a lot of nutrients and oxygen, as well as cleanses the muscles of the metabolic products. For this reason, arginine was included in Fierce, it provides a powerful Pumping after exercise and improves muscle power and speed their recovery. Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, according to some sources, it is better absorbed in the intestine than a simple form of arginine.

Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate is widely used in sports nutrition and even used for medical purposes. Creatine Assimilator - creatine assimilator (amplifier mastering) Glycocyamine guanidinopropionovaya and acid added to the composition Fierce for the reason that they have an effect similar to insulin - they lower blood glucose and creatine transport speed. (Meglasson et al 1993) It is obvious that this ability is related to the enhanced expression of GLUT-4 - the main glucose transporter (Ren 1993). In addition, glycocyamine capable itself converted into creatine in the liver, thereby providing an additional source besides kreatinmalata and creatine ethyl ester. Betaine Anhydrous is a powerful tool for reducing toxic slag - homocysteine.

Scientists have confirmed that betaine reduces homocysteine levels by an average of 20% from baseline (Olthof et al 2005). Also, it has been demonstrated that betaine is able to speed up recovery after exercise and to reduce muscle fatigue, due to more rapid recovery of lactic acid. Duralast Matrix Fierce Duralast matrix includes glyukoronolakton - natural substance, which is synthesized in the body in the glucose utilization. It is added to many energy drinks such as Red Bull. Glyukoronolakton has a stimulating effect, improves endurance and improve mental concentration.

Glyukoronolakton is a direct precursor of taurine. Studies have shown that glyukoronolakton capable of eliminating drowsiness and fatigue (Reyner et al 2002). L-aspartic acid - nonessential amino acid that is synthesized mainly from glutamate. It is believed that this amino acid restores DNA muscle cells and regulates carbohydrate metabolism.

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