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Efficiency In 1999, SNAC Systems Inc has been patented complex consisting of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6, research (conducted and financed, of course, the same company) have shown the effectiveness of the complex. All components ZMA important biological processes and in fact involved in the production of testosterone, but studies have shown that virtually all people get sufficient amounts of these components from the food. In 2004, a study funded by a different company, showed that ZMA has no effect on the level of testosterone, growth hormone, IGF-1, cortisol, muscle growth and endurance.

Finally, in 2006, German scientists finally debunked the myth ZMA, confirming its complete ineffectiveness. Side effects ZMA has virtually no side effects. While receiving ZMA urine becomes red.

ZMA reviews Feedback collected from various non-profit resources, confirmed by research, as most of the negative reviews, almost no one took not notice any positive effects. Positive responses are found in connection with the combination of reception ZMA with other additives which cause the results. Agmatine 500 by USP labs Agmatine (Eng.

Agmatine) - Sport Nutrition (agmatine sulfate), which is often touted as the most active form of nitrogen donator - arginine, however, if we compare the effects is with him quite a bit in common. In pharmacology agmatine nootrop presented as protecting the brain from ischemic injury, is also promising for the treatment of neuropathic pain and drug addiction. The positive effects on athletic performance and muscle growth is not directly proven, but well-founded.

It discovered and named in 1910 by the German scholar Albrecht Kossel, who singled agmatine milk herring. From a chemical point of view, is a biogenic amine, which is formed from L-arginine by decarboxylation (removal of a carboxyl group). Agmatine is also present in humans, acting as a neurotransmitter, it is deposited in some neurons and is released upon activation.

The mechanism of action Agmatine has pleiotropic molecule (diverse) biological activity and has several proven mechanisms that can be useful for athletes. It increases the activity of eNOS NOS (nitric oxide synthase) - an enzyme that synthesizes nitric oxide. There are three types of enzymes.

INOS (immune), nNOS (nervous) and eNOS (vascular). The first two types are suppressed agmatine, but it has been experimentally shown to improve the level and activity of eNOS. It is known that nitric oxide is formed and versatile in many cells and tissues.

The interest is only bodybuilding eNOS, since it carries out the synthesis of nitric oxide in the blood, which leads to an expansion of the capillary bed and improve the muscle power. Thus, this mechanism can theoretically facilitates the transport of oxygen and nutrients, promote muscle recovery, and ensure Pumping. Imidazoline receptor activation Nearby studies clearly proved the activation of imidazoline retsepetorov Moreover agmatine is an endogenous (natural) imidazoline receptor ligand.

By agonists I1-imidazoline receptors are known pharmacological drugs moxonidine and rilmenidine used to lower blood pressure. When activated imidazoline receptors developed the following effects. the suppression of the sympathetic nervous system (calming effect) decreased secretion of adrenaline and other catecholamines vasodilation and lowering blood pressure increase anabolic hormone insulin secretion and improved energy supply of tissues increased lipolysis (fat burning) reducing production of lactic acid Side effects.

Therapy agonists I1-imidazoline receptor is accompanied by the development of a number of side effects such as drowsiness or insomnia, fatigue, headache, dizziness, fatigue during exercise, anxiety, depression, convulsions, palpitations, cold extremities, orthostatic hypotension, flushing, dry mouth, epigastric pain, diarrhea, nausea, constipation, peripheral edema, sexual dysfunction, skin rashes, itching. Concentration curve gonadotropin (LH) after administration It stimulates the secretion of gonadotropins and gonadotropin-releasing hormone It is known that these two peptides are able to increase the production of testosterone. The positive effect on the secretion of gonadotropins (luteinizing hormone) and gonadorelin was revealed only in 1995 the work on rats.

Thus agmatine administered into the ventricles of the brain. Similar results were obtained M.Kovach, J. Gulyas 1988 when administered intravenously peptide GHRG with replacement of the amino acid sequences of arginine to agmatine.

Blocking of NMDA receptors This mechanism continues to be studied, because it has great importance for neuroprotection. However, bodybuilding is not particularly interesting. The release of endorphins Due to the release of beta endorphin, and increase the sensitivity of opioid receptors has analgesic effect.

Thus it is not addictive. In addition, the detected activation of serotonin and alpha2-adrenoceptor blocking nicotinic receptor activation PI3K / Akt, and adenylate cyclase. Expert Reviews As seen from the description of the mechanisms, agmatine sulfate realizes its main action is not due to nitric oxide.

This is only one of many mechanisms, the use of which is very doubtful. Moreover, there is a study showed that nitric oxide inhibits the synthesis of its own steroid hormones (testosterone) in the testes. Despite this, imidazoline mechanism looks very attractive and well-founded.

Caution is worth noting that perhaps a perceived decline in power performance and activity during exercise, due to sedation and reduce the level of catecholamines (although many manufacturers to the contrary, in the section mechanism is proving a footnote), so the siloviki supplement may play a negative role , although the composition is pre-workout complexes may be unnoticed by the additional inclusion of stimulants. It also remains an open question bioavailability agmatine sulfate, which is used in all the sports supplements. Sports nutrition AGMATINE 500 by USP labs Agmatine from Serious Nutrition Solutions Hybrid N.O.

By MusclePharm Jack3d Micro (USPlabs) SAN's Fierce Domination Testogen-XR from Ronnie Coleman By Muscle Warfare MOAB Cannibal Perma Swole from Chaos & Pain Receive Mode It is recommended to take 500 - 1000 mg about 45 minutes before your workout, or at any time of the day while relaxing with a meal. The maximum recommended dose is 6,000 mg, according. It can be combined with other sports nutrition.

The optimal duration of administration are not clearly regulated, approximately 1-2 months. NAG - N-acetyl-L-glutamine NAG - N-acetyl-L-glutamine from the SAN Description Manufacturer NAG (N-acetyl-L-glutamine) - is a revolutionary new supplement that supports the recovery process after intense weight training, cycling, swimming and others. Exercise.

It provides the necessary building blocks that are lost during exercise. N-acetyl-L-glutamine - is acetylated version of L-glutamine, known as acetylated analog of glutamine. NAG is more stable in water and metabolically more efficient in transferring the biological properties of glutamine than traditional glutamine or glutamine peptides.

Ingredients per serving (1 teaspoon = 6.15 g) of the product. N-acetyl-L-glutamine (NAG ) - 5 g Other ingredients. Citric acid, maltodextrin, mixed tocopherols, aspartame, FD & C Colors Red # 40.

Directions. Take one teaspoon twice a day, for the first time - 30 minutes before your workout, the second - immediately after your workout. Objective Description Attention Research has shown that N-acetyl-L-glutamine absorbed worse than normal glutamine, it is almost completely hydrolyzed in the gut mucosa to acetic acid and glutamine in the blood of a molecule of N-acetyl-L-glutamine is not determined.


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